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    In hot summer, there are so many naive hot days that not only people but also fish can't stand them. Today, Jinan Second-hand Fish Tank Recycling Co., Ltd. combines past experience to introduce several practical methods for cooling the fish tank, which can be referred to.~


    1. Avoid direct sunshine


    Fish tanks, regardless of size, shape and posture, must avoid direct sunshine as much as possible in summer. Do not place it in a place where the sun shines directly or close to it, especially in the West wall. It can be placed in a cool ventilated place where there is a certain amount of scattered light. Otherwise, the sun is too toxic. Not only does the increase of water temperature in aquariums affect the health of ornamental fish, but some aquariums (such as round ones) may even cause explosions or fires.


    甘肃11选52. Maintain good ventilation


    甘肃11选5The muggy environment is not conducive to the life of ornamental fish。 Indoor fish farming in summer must maintain good air circulation and ventilation, which can also make the water evaporation in the tank evaporate better and achieve the purpose of ventilation and cooling。


    3。 Cooling in Ice Bags or Ice Water Bottles


    Take a clean small bag or mineral water bottle and fill it with cold water。 Then freeze it in the refrigerator and put it in the fish tank。 If the ice bag/bottle is large enough, it can last for a long time, and the fish can basically survive the hard time at noon。 (Note that you must not directly add cold water to the tank, which can easily cause temperature difference and make the fish sick。 )


    4. Cooling of water chillers



    Conditional use of special refrigeration machine for aquarium can cool the sea tank, tropical fish aquarium tank can generally not be used. Chiller is a special aquarium cooling equipment, cooling effect is very good, just buy equipment, plug in the power supply, do not need people to stay next to the fish tank.


    5. Streamlining the Heat Source of Fish Tank


    In addition to the necessary equipment such as circulating water pump, the excess heat of fish tank can be turned off at high temperature, such as wave pump, bactericidal lamp, lighting, heating rod and so on. At the same time, pay attention to more observation to avoid the adverse effects of sudden changes in water temperature or hypoxia on fish.


    甘肃11选56. Decrease the intensity of light


    The intensity of the light also causes the temperature to rise to a certain extent. It can elevate the position of fish tank lamps, avoid using water lamps, in order to avoid affecting the cooling of fish tank.


    7。 Regular renewal of water


    New water for fish tank can not only improve water environment, increase dissolved oxygen, but also have a great cooling effect. In summer, fish farming should change water frequently according to need, and try not to change water for aquariums on rainy days. It is suggested that fresh water be replaced after sunning, trapping or aeration treatment.


    The basic information summarized by Jinan Second-hand Fish Tank Recycling Company will be introduced to you first. If you don't know anything else, you are welcome to our official website: http://www.yunsyb.com and our online customer service staff for consultation, I believe you will have a satisfactory answer. Thank you for your support!

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