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    Biological turbidity occurs in aquariums because of the proliferation of microorganisms, which results in the turbidity of water quality called biological turbidity. The water in the aquarium is chaotic and grayish-white, which gives people a hazy feeling. All these phenomena are the characteristics of biological turbidity. We often refer to water turbidity as biological turbidity. This situation has a great impact on the health of fish, so how do we control it? Next, let's consult Jinan Fishbowl Cleaning Company.
    First of all, we need to know that the appearance of biological turbidity is caused by the proliferation of heterotrophic bacteria, but the essence is due to the large amount of nitrogen existing organic matter in the fish tank. These organic substances are mainly fish stool and bait, because of the existence of these nutrients, heterotrophic bacteria will inevitably multiply a large number of decomposition work. After understanding this, we will know how to control biological turbidity. To prevent biological turbidity, we must adopt the method of both treatment and treatment.

    1. Therapeutic methods: I have studied many fishbowls with turbid water quality, and found that one common feature of them is the residual accumulation of fish feces at the bottom of the tank. The main cause of water mixing is the weak filtration system in many aquariums, which fully conforms to the theory mentioned above: "The accumulation of fish feces leads to the proliferation of heterotrophic bacteria, which results in water mixing". In fact, the way to cure this problem is very simple, that is, to clean up the fish droppings or baits in time, not to provide nitrogen for heterotrophic bacteria, without adequate food, heterotrophic bacteria will not multiply in large quantities, water will become clear, in theory, that is the case. In practice, we must match the filtering system reasonably, strengthen the flow generation in cylinder, so that the fish can be filtered out in a very short time after they are produced, and the remnants can be fished out in time, so as to ensure that the water quality will not be turbid, and is also the fundamental way to solve the biological turbidity.


    2. The method of curing symptoms: The so-called method of curing symptoms is to kill a large number of heterotrophic bacteria directly by various means. This method has a quick effect, but it must be used reasonably. The method I recommend is the combination of UV ultraviolet bactericidal lamp and EM bacterium tablet.
    用UV紫外线杀菌灯控制水体中的微生物过度繁殖非常有效,一般1-2天就可以杀灭水体中的各种微生物,而且对硝化系统破坏较小,尤其在生物性混浊的暴发期杀菌清水的效果非常明显,对付绿藻特别有效(绿藻暴发也是生物性混浊的一种)。但是UV紫外线杀菌手段不宜常用,虽然UV灯对硝化系统的损害不大,但是它把水中的其他有益菌也统统杀掉了,对维持水体的正常菌种比例不利,所以要配合EM菌片使用    EM菌是由80多种微生物组成的有益微生物群,在UV紫外线杀菌阶段结束后添加EM菌,可以让益生菌形成优势菌群。采用这种生物技术维护水质可以取得多赢,即控制了病原微生物的数量预防和减少了鱼病的发生,又加强了硝化系统(EM菌群里包含硝化菌),同时EM菌群还能非常有效地分解有机物,是目前水质维护的佳手段
    Ultraviolet bactericidal lamp is very effective in controlling microbial overgrowth in water. Generally, it can kill all kinds of microorganisms in water in 1-2 days, and it has less damage to nitrification system. Especially in the outbreak period of biological turbidity, the bactericidal effect is very obvious, especially against green algae (green algae outbreak is also a kind of biological turbidity). But the UV ultraviolet sterilization method is not suitable for common use. Although the UV lamp has little damage to the nitrification system, it kills all the other beneficial bacteria in the water, which is unfavorable for maintaining the normal bacteria proportion in the water body. So it is necessary to use EM bacteria with EM bacteria sheet, which is a beneficial microbial group composed of more than 80 microorganisms. Adding EM bacteria after the UV ultraviolet sterilization stage can make the probiotic bacteria. Form dominant flora. Using this biotechnology to maintain water quality can achieve win-win results, that is, to control the number of pathogenic microorganisms and prevent and reduce the occurrence of fish diseases, and to strengthen the nitrification system (including nitrifying bacteria in EM flora). At the same time, EM flora can decompose organic matter very effectively, which is the best means of water quality maintenance at present.
    To solve the biological Turbidity of aquarium water quality is a systematic project, which must be treated with both the symptoms and the symptoms. It is the key to strengthen physical filtration and efficiently remove organic substances such as fish feces and baits. Reasonable use of UV ultraviolet bactericidal lamp + EM bacteria can quickly solve the problem of turbidity and maintain water health.
    This article is supported by Jinan Fishbowl Cleaning Company. For more details, please click on our official website: http://www.yunsyb.com. We will provide you with satisfactory service wholeheartedly.
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