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    来源:http://www.yunsyb.com  2018-12-12 13:49:00
    How to Clean Fish Tanks Compare with Clean Cleaning Skills
    Nowadays, many people raise fish at home, and aquariums are needed. The aquarium is the home of the small fish, so if we want to make the small fish live a better life, we need to clean the aquarium on demand. Believe that many people about the aquarium cleaning method is to change water, flush water, in fact, such jade clean, basically no cleaning effect.
    How to clean the fish tank?
    1. Scavenger is a general term for fish. It was always misinterpreted as a fish that eats excrement. Here I want to correct its name. That is, this kind of fish does not eat excrement. On the contrary, in the past, when it was full, it pulled a lot.
    But this kind of fish is very useful for fish tank cleaning. After a long time, there will be yellow things. So this is the food that scavengers love. It will stick its mouth on the glass and move to eat some dirt in corners and dead corners. So if you want the fish tank to be clean, it's good to have a scavenger.

    2。 The magnetic brush is also a good choice for fish tank cleaning。 It can prevent the traditional liquidation method of pouring water out。 The magnetic brush is shown in the figure below。 It is half in the fish tank, half out of the fish tank, attracted by magnets, in the liquidation time only need to move the inside brush outside will follow, it is a good choice。


    3. The liquidation method introduced herein is a comparatively thorough one. It is commonly used to dispose of tanks filled with dead and sick fish. That's potassium permanganate, of course, the first step is to take out everything outside the bathtub (stone sand can not be taken out), and then add potassium permanganate and then add water at this time to fill up.
    4. One way is to use traditional rags and brushes. There is nothing to say about this. In a word, it would be better to combine the above methods.
    Tips for clearing small fish:
    1. Find a small basin and wash the baby, especially pay attention to no oil stain and no rinse detergent.
    2. The water in the small fish tank and the fish are quietly poured into the prepared small basin, and the sediments deposited at the bottom of the tank are kept in the tank as far as possible.
    3. Cleaning the fish tank requires the same 1.
    4. Participate in 1/2 fresh water in the cylinder (after the new water is placed for 1-2 days, so that its temperature is as close as possible to the cylinder water and volatilize chlorine gas);
    5. The method is to pour the water and fish back into the fish tank to replenish the fresh water and not feed them for the time being.
    6. Fish can be fed in large quantities as soon as they adapt. Change the water regularly in this way, and the water will not be so dirty.
    This article is provided by Jinan Impression Huishui Aquarium Service Co., Ltd. http://www.yunsyb.com. We will provide you with more knowledge of Jinan aquarium cleaning. Interested friends can pay attention to us, thank you!!

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